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Food Stamps:  Subsidized Entertainment, Dining Out, Tobacco, and Donations

A seven page report analyzing spending by food stamp recipients based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Expenditure Survey


Free Marketing Whitepapers


3 Excel Database Tips for Marketing Efficiency

This 14 page guide clearly shows 3 ways to do more with less. 40 figures illustrate how to do it. Includes 4 sample worksheets.


On-Line Market Research

Describes various resources you can use for conducting online market research.

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Data-Driven Marketing

Explains why data should drive your marketing, not hunches, gut feel, or your limited experience.

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Market Oriented Strategic Management for Motor Carriers

Award winning paper on how motor carriers should use strategic management principles.


Analtyics/Predictive Modeling with SAS


Incorporating External Data Into the Data Warehouse

Provides SAS code on how to pull external data into your data warehouse.


Creating Inferred Data Using SAS

Enhance your data by making inferences based on typical fields in a customer database.

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Wireless Week Editorial

Prediction of mobile phones replacing landlines -- back in 1997   pdf

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