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Internet Market Research

We conduct Internet marketing surveys using Internet panels, your internal data, or external data.  Working with you, we design the survey, administer it, and analyze the results.  Or analysis ranges from simple cross-tabs to multivariate analysis, like cluster analysis.  You receive a thorough survey analysis, and the final survey data, making your survey research complete.

Due Diligence Surveys

If you're considering an acquisition, we will conduct a market survey showing the competitive strengths and weaknesses of your acquisition target.  This can help you determine your final price and the obstacles you'll face when you complete the acquisition.  You should be interested in the awareness, trial, usage, and customer satisfaction of your proposed acquisition.  Survey research is a new tool for due diligence.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We'll help you understand the depth of your customer satisfaction.  What percentage of your customers are net promoters?  How many will recommend you to a friend?  How many will use you in the future?  As a member of the Customer Relationship Management Association and SOCAP International (The Global Authority on Customer Care), we keep abreast of the latest in customer satisfaction surveys.

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