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Thank you for your interest in data to help you write a marketing plan from InfoTech Marketing, Colorado's leading marketing planning company.  For free marketing plan sample outlines, click here.  For a comprehensive, affordable, easy-to-use customer analytics package to assist with SWOT analysis, check out Total Customer Analytics.

Marketing Plan Projects

Free Marketing Plan Sample

Free Marketing Plan Sample Outline -- High Tech Company

1)      Technology/Product Description

2)      Market Segments

i)        Size

ii)       Trends

iii)     Scenarios to satisfy needs

iv)     Target Customer

v)      Compelling Reason to Buy

vi)     Needed product features (partners needed)

vii)   Competition & trends

viii)  Channel

ix)     Price

x)      Promotion

xi)     Next Target Customer

xii)   Where in TALC?  -- techies, visionaries, pragmatists, conservatives, skeptics

3)      Segment Rankings

4)      Beachhead Segment

5)      Segments for Later Penetration (Product Modifications)

6)      Financial Forecast

Adopted from Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey Moore

Sample Outline -- Standard

1)   Environmental Analysis

2)   Market Segments

3)   Product Description

4)   Price

5)   Promotional Plan

6)   Place

7)   Competitive Analysis

8)  Market Forecast

9)   Market Share Assumption

10)  Financial Forecast

Sample Outline -- Preferred

1)   Situation Analysis

2)   Market Segments Analysis

3)   Competitive Analysis

4)   SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

5)   Objectives

6)   Marketing Strategy (Detailed Market Attractiveness/Business Position by Segment)

7)   Marketing Programs (Product, Price, Promotion, Place and Controls)

8)   Marketing Projections

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Environmental Scanning 

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