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Our methodologies span all industries.  We've conducted projects ranging from the mobile industrial catering industry (roach coach) to buffalo meat.  Along the way, we've developed specific expertise in many industries.  If you're in one of the industries shown below, check out the results we've obtained for other companies in your field and see if we might be able to help you.

Wireless Telecom -- fixed and mobile.  U.S., Canada, and worldwide.  Research, strategy, business cases, pricing, processes, logistics, decision support, and more.

Wired Telecom/Broadband -- metro networks, enhanced services, video-on-demand, DSL, and VDSL.  Strategy, business cases, competitive intelligence, channel development, and interactive spreadsheets.

Other High-Tech -- computer manufacturers, hardware, and Web page design.  Research, new product development, competitive intelligence, forecasts, and usability.

Construction and Building -- builders, manufacturers, and suppliers.  Forecasts, research, personas, data mining, new services, imports, and more.

Entertainment -- cable channels, video companies, and others.  Research, forecasting, reporting, and competitive intelligence.

Financial Services -- banks, credit card processors, and others.  Predictive analytics, customer behavior patterns, CRM, survey research, data mining, and reporting.

Restaurants -- fast casual to fine dining.  Research, new product development, competitive intelligence, menu items, and acquisitions.

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