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5/23/07 Wilimington, Delaware, Top Paying Area for Marketers

4/1/07 Colorado Sales and Marketing Information Gateway Released

5/18/06 Improved 75 Function Excel add-in Released by InfoTech Marketing

12/14/04 Wireless Inventories Balloon in Q3

8/26/04 Wireless Inventory Management Deteriorates by 14% in Q2

5/25/04  Wireless Inventory Management Improves by 13% in Q1, 2004

4/07/04  Exel-lent Marketing Formulas Maximizes Marketing Efficiency

3/30/04  Inventory Management at Wireless Carriers Deteriorates by 13% in Q4, 2003

12/27/03  Wireless Carriers Improve Inventory Management by 13% in Q3, 2003

02/01/02  Sales & Marketing Source Launch 

04/01/98  EuroTel Contract

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