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InfoTech Marketing solves your market research needs!  We specialize in hard-to-find information, pulling needles from the Webstack.  We go beyond the obvious, providing you with forecasts and insights from veteran marketing pros.  Our MarFin process extends the research findings to the financial impact they will have on your company.  And we do all our market research with unmatched speed.

Market Research Services

Survey Research

We specialize in Internet market research.  You get the results faster with an Internet survey.  You supply the email addresses, or we can get them for you.  We can also track response by whom you email to.  If your target market is not Web represented, we also use other data collection methods.  Our analysis tools include Excel and SAS, and we employ SAS Certified Professionals to analyze the results.  If you want fast, professional, and analytically correct information, give us a try. 

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Secondary Research

We find it fast using the Web and other resources to satisfy your secondary research needs.  Industry research studies, pricing research, competitive analysis, and more.  We also specialize in applying government data to your commercial needs.  We've paid for it (through taxes), let's use it.  Our market research analysis of government data can tell you who is buying what, how people spend their time, businesses that are growing, etc. 

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Qualitative Marketing Research

If you need detailed feedback for your product concepts, we can help.  Focus groups and executive interviews provide reaction to your ideas.  Lead user interviews let you know some actual product uses.

For further information, send us an e-mail briefly describing your market research needs or call 720-732-4588.

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