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InfoTech Marketing is Denver's leading marketing consulting company.  We provide a complete array of services to leading companies around the world.  Our clients have included wireless telecommunications providers, computer companies, restaurants, other telecomm providers, banks, health insurers, and even universities.


Marketing Services

Analysis Services

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InfoTech Marketing is a "one-stop shopping" marketing firm. We provide experienced, value-added service in the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Process Implementation

InfoTech Marketing employs a wide-range of cutting-edge techniques to assist its clients, from Web-based secondary research to data mining.

Clients rave about the speed with which InfoTech Marketing completes their projects. This leads to faster results and lower costs, and has resulted in all clients engaging InfoTech Marketing for other appropriate projects beyond the initial assignment.

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Marketing Services

Exceed your goals by cost-effectively leveraging information and technology.

You know the pressures.

Add customers. Grow revenue. Reduce costs.
Cut headcount. Do more with less.

In this environment, traditional methods do not always work. That's where InfoTech Marketing can help.

InfoTech Marketing is dedicated to helping you exceed your goals. Using proven, innovative techniques, InfoTech Marketing offers a broad range of services that will increase your revenue while minimizing your costs.

Our services include:

  • Strategy. Your business is unique, and InfoTech develops custom-tailored, real-world strategies for your situation. We immediately focus our experience on your critical success factors.

  • Analysis. Your internal customer database contains some of the most valuable data for your business. At a pace that will leave your internal MIS group gasping, InfoTech transforms this data into useful information. Our custom programming and analysis services give you the customer information you always wanted - purchase patterns, segmentation, loyalty, etc.

  • Market Research. When you need more information about your market, InfoTech provides superior primary and secondary research. We pioneered a new research technique called first usage enablers that should be used for every new product introduction.

We also specialize in low-cost government information.

  • Public Relations. Public relations is the most cost-effective promotional tool available to marketers. InfoTech writes your press releases, develops your PR database, and distributes your press releases so you get the coverage you deserve.

  • Communications. New technologies, like fax and multimedia, allow you to break through the information clutter and boost your response and re-call rates. InfoTech develops, tests, and implements your communications program to appropriately use these technologies.

InfoTech is not, however, limited to new technologies. Our methods take your traditional direct and mass marketing to new heights.

The bottom-line is results, and InfoTech Marketing delivers. From strategy to implementation, InfoTech is committed to one goal--helping you exceed yours.

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Analysis Services

InfoTech Marketing's advanced capabilities will exceed your analysis expectations in the following areas:

Research. InfoTech Marketing is skilled in both primary and secondary research. If you need primary research, we can design your study, conduct qualitative focus groups, create quantitative questionnaires, input the data, and analyze the results. Results can be analyzed using simple methods, such as cross-tabulations, to complex techniques, such as discriminate analysis, clustering, etc. InfoTech employs the optimal presentation format for the data, from tables to charts and graph.
  • Secondary research is one of our specialties. We scour information sources to rapidly obtain the right data for your needs. We are particularly adept at finding and interpreting obscure government data.
  • Forecasting. InfoTech can take your data and transform it into accurate forecasts using numerous techniques. These techniques include multiple regression analysis, time-series forecasts (moving averages and exponential smoothing), input-output models, and advanced econometric models.
  • Reporting. InfoTech has been selected as a Quality Partner of the SAS Institute, producers of the SAS System. This designates that we are highly skilled in using this fourth-generation computer language that can transform your data into useful information. We've used SAS on mainframes, workstations, and personal computers in MVS, TSO, CMS, UNIX, DOS, and Windows environments. We are also skilled in Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, and Project, along with Lotus 1-2-3.
  • Statistical Analysis. InfoTech Marketing can perform the appropriate statistical analysis on your data. Our SAS Institute Quality Partner designation indicates that we can use the many techniques available in this leading statistical package.
  • Operations Research. The consultants at InfoTech Marketing are trained and experienced in using operations research to optimize solutions to complex problems.
  • Project Management. InfoTech can assist you in managing large projects. Our capabilities include PERT charts and CPM.
  • Business Process Development/Re-Engineering. We have assisted companies in developing their initial processes, analyzing current processes for cost and speed, and re-designing processes to eliminate waste.

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Sample Projects

InfoTech Marketing has extensive project experience with a wide range of companies. Our team has successfully completed assignments in:


  • Prioritized entry markets, obtained capital funds, and developed budgets for a competitive access provider in the telecommunications industry. This entailed development of a three-dimensional, detailed, financial planning spreadsheet model including monthly forecasts for the first two years and eight additional years of annual projections, numerous charts and graphs, and easy-to-use print macros.
  • Evaluated potential new product strategies for a leading computer manufacturer. Described the market's history and trends, divided the market into segments, estimated the market size by segment, forecasted the market growth rate, analyzed potential solutions by segment, performed competitive analysis, and produced the business case for two high-technology markets.
  • Uncovered potential market opportunities in the web page design market for a graphics design company. Examined the market size, forecasted growth rate, pricing, and competitive situation.
  • Assessed new revenue generating products for fast-growing restaurant chains through secondary research analysis of emerging food categories.

Marketing Implementation

  • Re-engineered business processes leading to a 60% quarterly growth in subscribers for a wireless communications company in the U.K. Pricing, billing, commissions, customer service, logistics, accounts receivable, and other processes were re-engineered.
  • Enabled a wireless communications company to be first to market by developing their logistics/distribution program. This included:
  • conducting interviews with buyers in major retail chains to determine their needs 
  • developing business processes to meet those needs, 
  • finding third-party suppliers of packaging and logistics services,                                  
  • defining the systems needs to the information technology (IT) organization for systems purchase, and
  • leading a cross-functional team to integrate the various systems that were under development.

An additional related project involved writing an operations manual for this function.

Data Warehousing/Decision Support Systems

  • Facilitated customer acquisition and retention by rapidly enumerating the requirements for a marketing data warehouse/decision support system. Conducted end-user interviews to ascertain their specific requirements, constructed formats for repetitive reports, and developed logical data models defining data sources. This was for a new entrant in the personal communications services market.

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