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Marketing Strategy

Market Growth Strategies

We can help you decide on programs to further the penetration of existing products or assist you with developing and marketing new products.  We've helped many companies research, develop, and launch new products.

Competitive Intelligence

Strategy cannot be developed in a vacuum, and we assist with the full spectrum of competitive intelligence.  From defining objectives to operationalizing the intelligence, we can help identify competitive weaknesses for exploitation and gauge competitive reaction to your moves.

Read more about our Competitive Intelligence services.

SWOT Analysis

After collecting competitive intelligence, it's important to assess your strengths and weaknesses, as well as market opportunities and threats.  We can help you develop programs capitalizing on your strengths, exploiting opportunities, while minimizing your weaknesses and competitive threats.

Marketing Plans

With growth strategies, competitive intelligence, market research, and a SWOT analysis, it's easy to write your marketing plan.  We've developed some marketing plan outlines.

Read more about our Marketing Plan outlines.

MarFin Process

We've developed a process to estimate the financial impact of your marketing decisions.  We believe all marketing programs should be examined for their bottom-line impact in creating market equity.

Marketing ROI

CEOs complain that marketers don't link the financial impact of marketing programs to the overall financial impact on the company, but we help you analyze marketing results in financial terms.  You'll be able to show your CEO and CFO the ROI impact of your marketing campaigns.

Read more about estimating the marketing ROI of your programs.



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