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Tim Walters, President

Tim Walters, President of InfoTech Marketing, possesses over30 years of marketing, finance, planning, and operations experience.  Since founding InfoTech Marketing, he has marketing strategy development, marketing research, financial planning, pricing, logistics, and decision support systems development. 

In managing client projects, Tim has successfully worked with diverse individuals from around the world.  His knowledge of various management tools and techniques allows each project to be customized to the client’s needs and capabilities.  Tim also serves as an adjunct professor of technology management at the University of Denver, so he must keep up with the latest technologies. From Web-based research to data mining, Tim applies the latest effective methodologies to help clients with their problems. 

Prior to founding InfoTech Marketing, Tim launched new high tech products and had profit and loss responsibility for the general business market segment at US WEST's enhanced services business.  He set new revenue growth records (up 100%), established a new corporate direct mail response rate standard, and implemented data warehousing and sophisticated forecasting models for senior management.

Tim began his marketing career with a leading transportation company.  He rapidly rose to the top marketing position, where he served as Director of Marketing, Finance and Planning.  He led the company to achieving a 30% growth rate while the market was stagnant.  He introduced new technology marketing concepts to the company and the industry.  Improving the company’s bottom-line was his primary focus, and Tim analyzed various acquisition candidates and participated in the divestiture of one subsidiary.  Tim also oversaw the operations of a profitable subsidiary in a related industry.

In addition to his excellent experience, Tim also obtained a M.B.A. degree in Strategic Planning Systems from the prestigious Wharton School, where he secured admission to the leading honor fraternity.  He also graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Public Administration from the University of Missouri. 

Tim Walters, President

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