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We all have some information about our competitors:  who they are, where they operate, some product information.  But is it truly comprehensive?  Intelligence?  Competitive intelligence is the systematic collection and analysis of data to improve marketing decisions.

Competitive Intelligence Processes

Define Objectives: we help you define your competitive intelligence objectives.  How will the information be used?  Who will use it?

Collect Data:  we access a wide variety of insightful data.  From news reports, to location specific information, to job boards, we employ extremely efficient collection techniques.  And for hard-to-find data, we use elicitation interviewing skills to coax information from sources.

Process Data:  we resolve conflicts between competitive intelligence sources and put the data into a format you need.

Analyze/Forecast:  competitor profiles, financial analysis, and SWOT analysis are just a few of the techniques available to you.  We use decision trees to visualize how competitors may react to your strategic thrusts.  We also provide competitive benchmarking, using benchmarking metrics to produce benchmarking reports.

Operationalize:  we can help you imbed competitive intelligence into your organization.  We can help you make the information available to your sales force.  Or we can help you limit its distribution to a few key decision-makers.  It's all dependent on your needs.  You receive a complete competitive analysis report if desired.

We've also published competitive intelligence tools you may find useful at our companion site, The Sales and Marketing Source.  To access these free tools, click here.

Whether you want a one-time project or on-going research, or if you want to perform some CI yourself and use us for specific areas, we're here to help.  To see if we might help you, just send us an e-mail or call us at 720-732-4588.

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