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Total Customer Analytics

Total Customer Analytics is a new, comprehensive customer analysis service.  It combines 8 customer analysis techniques into a complete package for one low price.  We analyze your data using Geocoding, Firmographic/Demographic Segmentation, Market Penetration, Decile Analysis (Current, Migration, Best Customer Profiling), RFM Scoring, Market Basket Analysis, Customer Business Projection, and Customer Potential.

Total Customer Analytics Uses

  • Market prioritization -- see your market penetration by industry and geography
  • Additional selling – estimate of customer potential for prioritization
  • Cross-selling – find additional products to sell to your customer base through market basket analysis
  • Cloning – finding prospects that match your best customers through decile analysis
  • Retention -- view customer retention probabilities

Total Customer Analytics Benefits

  • Customer Knowledge -- you gain total insight into your customer base
  • Affordable – at less than $5,000, anyone can afford and you can’t afford not to do so
  • Fast – most analyses can be turned around in one-two days from receipt of your records
  • Easy-to-use – your I.T. department should be able to send us your data with minimal effort
  • No statisticians needed
  • You can use the PowerPoint slides in your own presentations

Total Customer Analytics Features

You receive:

  • PowerPoint presentation, typically 100-200 slides, summarizing the customer insights from the 8 customer analysis techniques
  • 1 hour WebEx presentation reviewing the analysis
  • Customer master file for each customer appended with customer potential, customer business-as-usual forecast, enhanced firmographics/demographics, RFM, customer latitude and longitude, etc.
  • Excel workbooks with industry penetration, geographic market penetration, etc.
  • All for $4,900

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