Text Box: We’ve recently acquired and analyzed new data to assist our clients with decision-making.  The new data includes:
American Time Use Survey – We’ve collected and analyzed government data for 2003 – 2005 on how Americans spend their time.  You can discover T.V. watching habits, time spent exercising, who is doing what at certain hours, and more.

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Text Box: New Reporting Systems Deliver ROI

Text Box: A number of clients have engaged us to create new reporting environments for them.  Our recent engagements include:
Marketing Dashboard – You can stay on top of your progress with a multi-faceted marketing dashboard.  We’ve developed innovative ways to integrate the familiarity of Microsoft Excel with the number crunching capabilities of SAS.
Sales Reporting System – We enumerated the requirements for a novel sales reporting system incorporating marketing Return on Investment (ROI), touch-points, and customer lifetime value.

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Text Box: We’ve also employed new ways to look at data, especially through data mining.  Some of the newer techniques we’ve used include:
Customer Lifetime Value – We mine your data to discover who has been your best customers, who will likely be your best customers, and customers with potential that you aren’t presently getting.
Decile Analysis – We split your customer base into deciles based on revenue and determine what separates your biggest customers from your smallest.  It could be order frequency, ordered quantity, number of items per order, etc.  We also examine the migration patterns of your customers over time.  This enables you to develop cross-sell/upsell strategies, retention programs, and more.
Market Basket Analysis – Looking at items bought in tandem by customers lets you recommend additional products as part of a cross-sell.

Text Box: New Analytical Techniques for CRM

Text Box: Consumer Expenditure Survey – We’ve acquired the detailed data on who spent what for 2004 and 2005.  We can also profile who owns what.  For instance, you can discover the demographics of swimming pool owners, those people without mortgages, and cereal buyers.  We can also develop product usage segmentation schemes for you.
ZIP Code Business Patterns – For 1998 – 2004, you can track how the number of businesses, employment, and payroll has changed by industry for each ZIP Code.  We then use this data to make forecasts of future opportunities and design sales territories.
Woods and Poole Forecast Database – Woods and Poole Economics projects population, employment, personal income, wealth, retail sales, and many other variables by county, MSA, DMA, state, and the nation through 2030.  We use this data to provide you customized forecasts by the territories relevant to you.
American Housing Survey – The microdata for the American Housing Survey contains a wealth of information regarding building materials, construction, and other variables.  You can find out how many rooms are used for home offices and the demographics of home office users, for instance.  You can also find out the types of remodeling projects conducted by Hispanics.  Data is also available by metro area.